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Saturday, August 12, 2017

3 easy ways to use data in your classroom

    Do you use data in the classroom? Do you have your students use data? Using data can really help drive your instruction and help your students take ownership of their learning. There are many different ways that you can use data in your classroom. Today I am going tell you about some different ways that I use data in my classroom.

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    There are three ways that I use data in my classroom. All of them are student centered seeing that the school I was working at the last two years was a student centered learning school. I loved seeing my students take ownership of their learning. It was awesome!


   The first thing that I do is goal folders. Each of the students get a goal folder at the beginning of the year. The folder has each standard that we are going to work on throughout the school year. It also has a place for the students to check off each of their POP’s (Proof of Proficiency). They need to have two POP’s for each standard before I will consider that standard mastered. The goal folders really help my students take ownership of their learning. They are able to look back and see what they still need to work on. So when we have POP time, which is just a time each day that the students work on standards that they have not mastered, they are deciding what they want to work on and it is not being mandated by me. My students have always really enjoyed using their goal folders. It works well for my students and it also works well for me.


    The next type of data that I use in my classroom are POP (Proof of Proficiency) charts. When my students have received two POP’s in their goal folder, they bring it up to me and I give them a sticker to put on the chart for the standard that they mastered. The POP charts are another great way for the students to know if they mastered a standard because they are able to check on the chart and see if they have mastered it yet. The POP charts work really well with the goal folders.


    The final way that I use data in my classroom is an expert wall. The expert wall and POP charts work together. When the students are working on a concept that they are having trouble with, they can go up to the expert wall and POP charts and see who has mastered that standard. They are able to then go and ask that student for help. In my classroom we call it coaching. They know they are coaching the other student and not just giving answers. My students have learned that we are all good at different things and we are all experts in different ways. They love getting to be the expert or teacher and help their classmates learn new things.

    Each of these different ways of using data has really helped my students take ownership and drive their own learning. I have loved seeing them grow and be excited about learning.

   If you would like to try using goal folders in your classroom, click on the image below and visit my store. Hope you enjoy using more data in your classroom and letting your students take the driver’s seat in their learning.

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