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Saturday, February 1, 2020

How to Keep your Students excited this February

   There are so many fun things that happen in February. But it is also a slump time in the year.
The holidays are over and there isn’t another break for a while. That doesn’t mean your classroom
has to be boring though. Today I am going to share some of my February ideas that keep my students
excited to come to school. 

First off is creative writing. February is always a fun time for writing. My students love to use different prompts to come up with fun stories. I like to use different writing pages as early finisher activities. They also work great as part of our ELA centers. Check out the writing freebie that is included in this post as well. 

   My students love crafts and math is a great time to break out the crafts. I love to incorporate
different projects that go along with what we are studying. A lot of times the kids don’t even realize
that they are practicing their math skills. This makes a fun display for the classroom too.  I love how
it makes the classroom all festive for the holiday. 

   This is also a great time to teach letter writing. I do a whole unit on the friendly letter. I always
like to include some fun crafts that go along with our writing as well. My students always get so
excited when I start to take out the supplies for a craft. And they make a great display in the
classroom too. 

   Our day always consists of a morning meeting and a closing circle. Our meetings are our favorite
times of the day. They really help to get us focused for the day. I love to have themed slides for the
students. They also love to help lead the meetings. This gives them ownership in our classroom. 

   February also means Presidents Day. I love to give my students ownership of their learning
with projects. One of my favorite projects of the year is this Presidents Day project. It lets them
learn about the holiday and how we celebrate it and then they learn from their classmates through
oral presentations. I love to also give my students opportunities to work on their speaking and
listening. Projects are a great way to have students work on this. 

   My last favorite thing to do in February is to incorporate picture books. My students always love
when I get a new book out. I try to bring in lots of different books. There are so many different things
that are happening in February and books are a great way to teach about them all. 

   Are you excited about February in your classroom? Did you find some new ways to celebrate?
Click on the link below if you’re interested in a fun writing freebie for your classroom. 


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