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Friday, June 30, 2017

Using Cooperative Learning for Instant Engagement

   There are so many great ways to help our students learn the subject matter that is presented to them. One of the ways I like​ to use in my classroom is Cooperative Learning. This is an excellent way to get your students up and moving around the classroom. My students love to participate in Peer-Check-Review, a fun Cooperative Learning activity.


   Decide what you want your students to learn. It could be vocabulary from a story, a math concept, math facts, grammar skills; anything that you can think of can be plugged into a Cooperative Learning activity. Once you have a topic picked out, create questions and answers on index cards. Put the question on the front of the card, and the answer on the back of the card. Create one card for each student in your class.


   Now that you have the cards created, hand one card out to each student. The students will go around to their peers and check to see if they know the answer to that question. Each student reviews the question with their partner. After each student has answered the question, they give each other praise, switch cards, then find a new partner. Go through this process for several minutes. Give the students plenty of time to practice all of the different cards. It is ok if they get the same partner again because they will have different cards. I also tell my students it is ok if they get the same card with a different partner. It is all about practice.

    There are lots of different ways to use the cards that you create. You can use them as task cards, which allows a student to work on the cards independently. You can also use the cards to play Scoot. This is a great way to get the whole class moving around the room to check their understanding.

    If you don’t want to take the time to create your own cards, you can check out the ones that are in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here to see what’s there!


How do you help your students stay engaged and excited to learn?


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