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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party

Today I am linking up with Just Reed for her Ten Pin Linky Party. I LOVE Pinterest and I am so excited about this Linky Party! This week's Linky Party is all about classroom Decor. I don't have a job yet for next year, but I am still thinking about what I want to do in my classroom. Well, let's get started!

Here is Amy Lemon's writing board and word wall. I just love this bulletin board for different things to write. 

This is an awesome word wall. I love the bright ribbons that were used. 

This is one of my favorite themes from School Girl Style. I just LOVE apples and I love the primary colors that are used in this theme.

I really love the look of this theme from School Girl Style. Everything is just so pulled together.

Look at how bright and cheery this room is. I really like the yellow and all the bright colors.

What a great idea this board is!! I love the idea of focusing on one of the students with their writing each week.


I really like how this teacher put the shelves in the middle of the desks. What a clever idea!

Look at this amazing library! I would love to curl up with a book and read all day in this space.

I really like the look of these chair pockets. It keeps extra books off the floor or cluttered on the desks. And they are just so darn cute. I wish I had seen this one earlier with my old classroom. The kids' books were always spread all over the floor. 

I'm going to for sure do these kind of signs for my table numbers when I have a class again. I just love how they look. 

Well, thank you for joining me for this fun Linky Party. I hope you saw some great ideas that you would like to try in your classroom for this next year. Have a great week!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 

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