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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Adventures

On Friday, I was told by the principal at my school that the school board was not sure they wanted to rehire me for next year. I took this as God speaking to me. I have been thinking for the last year that it might be time to move on. I have a very long commute every day. It takes me close to an hour to get to school in the morning, and about another two and even sometimes three hours to get home at night. It is time to find something closer to my house. 
Of course I will miss everyone at the school, but I will not miss the long commute and the loads of paperwork that I have to do everyday. It will also be nice to have a contained classroom again. These last five years, I feel like I have really lost some of my creativity. 
The classes at the school I am at now are just so short that there is no time to be creative. By the time I get the kids from their classroom, it is almost time to take them back to class. There is so much time spent traveling back and forth.  At least when you have the kids all day, you are able to adjust things throughout the day so you can fit in some of the fun things as well. 
So I am hitting the ground running. At least I found out about next year pretty early so I will hopefully be able to find a job. I am already putting together my resume, talking to other teacher friends, and looking through job postings. I know that God has the perfect job out there for me. 
As you all probably know, I am finishing up my credential right now which means that I will be starting my student teaching next week. This is another new adventure. I am so nervous about it. I know it will be great once I get into it, and I am looking forward to seeing how another teacher does things and learning from her. I really do love learning new things. Do you feel that way as well? Until next time, I hope everyone has a great day. 


  1. Hi Katie!
    Thanks so much for coming and checking out my blog! :)
    I love your attitude in your new job search! I have a strong feeling that if you keep a positive outlook you will go far in this search! I would say GO find what makes you feel creative...for me that is what I love most about teaching! Good luck with your student teaching! :)

  2. One door closes and another one opens! For sure!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  3. Hi there! I'm a fellow California blogger here on the central coast. I've started following your blog! Good luck with your student teaching. It's hard to step into someone elses class and go with it. Soon you'll have your own. =)

    You can find me here:



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