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Sunday, April 30, 2017

3 quick and easy steps to student ownership

It can be a challenge to get your students excited about learning! Today I am going to take through three easy steps to help your students gain ownership of their learning. 

1. The first thing on my list are POP's. These are Proofs of Proficiency. These are ways for students to show that they have mastered a standard. In our classroom, students choose what they want to work on and when they are ready to take a test. When the students are ready to take a test they complete it through our grading program Mastery Connect. By having my students take their quiz directly into the grading program it saves tons of time. The program instantly does all the grading for me. 

It is so exciting to see the students take the lead in their learning. POP's are one way that students are able to take that lead. 

2. The next item on the list is student data. When students are able to see how they have grown, they take a greater lead in their learning. In our classroom, we have data posted all over the classroom. The students even keep track of the data on their own. When they get a POP on one the standards, they add a sticker on the apple with that standard. They love to come up and add a sticker to the charts. It is amazing to see how students can grow when they are able to see their growth. 


Here you are able to see some different ways that we present data in our classroom. 

3. The third and final step to get your students to have ownership is to let them take the lead. In our classroom the students lead everything. They lead our morning and afternoon meetings. They lead our unpacking of standards. Anything that they are able to lead, they will lead. It is amazing what ownership they take in our classroom when they are taking the lead in all of the different aspects of the day. 

It is such an amazing sight to see your students become the teachers in class. I love to see how much they grow throughout the school year. 

If you try out these three simple steps to help your students take ownership, let me know how it goes! Have fun teaching your students how to take ownership of their learning!


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