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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks! I went back to school this last week not feeling well. While my husband and I were in Paris, I got sick and then got even worse when we got home. At least we had a really great time. We saw so many wonderful things and even got an extra day in Zurich, Switzerland at the loss of the airline! 
 This is us inside the beautiful Paris Opera House. It was gorgeous!
And of course we had to take some pictures with the Eiffel Tower. 

So this last week I was sick, and got even more sick as the week went on. By Friday, I was feeling really bad so I stayed home to try and get better. I lounged around and slept most of the day. Today I'm feeling better, but still not great. It is really hard to work when you don't feel well. 
At least now I am starting to feel better so I can get some blogging done and check out some of my other favorite blogs to see what everyone is doing. 

Well, on to other things! This last quarter, we started a new program for our upper grade math. My 5th grade math program is now done independently. They take no work home and it is all done in class. This allows me to see what the students are really understanding and what they still need help with. This new program also allows the students to work at their own pace. If a student needs a little more time on a lesson, they can take that time. Next year, when they move up to the next grade they will start math where they left off. If they finish through lesson 100 in the 5th grade book, they have to finish the rest of the lessons before they can move on to the next book. 

So here is how I organize the program. Organization is key with this because the students are all on different lessons. 

 I use this box to keep all the work the kids do. It also has all the tests copied so when a student is ready for a test, it is ready for them. I don't have to worry about remembering to get things copied for them.
Here is the inside of the box. Each student has a folder where I keep their work. At the end of ten lessons, they take a test and then all of their work gets handed back to them. I also have a folder for the graded work. This allows me to see what work needs to be recorded and placed into the students folders. 

What do you do for your math program? How do you organize the work?

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