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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Best Classroom Themes for the New School Year!

Hi there! Do you have a hard time coming up with how you will decorate your classroom? I used to
always struggle with this too, but then I started using a theme and everything clicked into place! 

One theme that my class really enjoyed was our Apple Theme. My students loved the bright primary
colors of red, green, yellow, and blue. The students reflexible seating from this room as well.
The layout in both rooms was very similar, but not exactly the same. 

This Beach Theme was one of my favorites as well. We all loved the calm colors of blue, teal and
yellow. It helped us all feel like we were on a beach somewhere. It was so relaxing!

On the far wall are our work boards. I love displaying the work that the students do throughout the year,
and they enjoy seeing their work up too. I am a big fan of using fabric on the boards because it allows me
to leave the same boards up for the whole year. The fabric also does not fade and I can reuse it every
time I decide to use the same theme. 


I like to display signs and posters for the students to use as references around the room. Here you see
the hand signals we use and our number line. The hand signals are so helpful. I can quickly glance
around the room and see what students need. 


At the front of the room is our Alphabet, Talking Question Frames and our Schedule. I love having
posters and signs around the room that the kids can use every day. They start to get used to these
reference items being in their particular places and know where they can always find it. 

On the far cabinets we have our Word Wall and our Classroom Jobs. We use a classroom economy,
and the kids get so excited to apply for the job that they want and then get that job. I have enough jobs
for every student and at the beginning of the year each student gets to try each job. Once we have gone
through all of the students then they can start applying for jobs. Each job has a different amount of
money they can earn. At the end of each month they can purchase reward coupons. 


At the very back of the room is our library. The students love to use the library and find interesting books.
I like to display books on the top of the shelves that go with the different holidays and special times
of the year. Some of the students favorite books are the ones that are on the tops of the shelves.
They just love getting to share books and tell their classmates about the books that they are reading.
I lenjoy seeing them get excited about the books in our library. 

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