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Thursday, April 2, 2020

5 of the best math websites for distance learning

Hello there! How is everyone doing?  We are all in a challenging time right now.
Many of us have had our schools closed down for a short time or even for the rest of
the school year. Here in California our governor just announced that all schools
will remain closed for the rest of the year. Many of us will be starting distance learning
soon if we have not already started. Today I want to share with you some of my
favorite websites to help with math. These are all perfect to go along with distance

   The first site that I want to talk about is This site is perfect
for working on math fact fluency. The students start out by taking a placement
exam and then the site creates a learning path for the student. I love how it shows
the students their progress at the end. They can log in every day for a short
10 minutes or less to work on the math facts. 

    Next up is the website This website is great because it goes right
along with the eureka math curriculum. In each lesson, it has all of the different parts
that are included in the eureka lessons. The students love being able to see a video
of the lesson. Overall,  I love that this site goes right along with the eureka curriculum. 

   The next website is khan academy. This is another free website and it is great. It
allows you to assign different grade levels for the students. They then can watch a
video to learn or relearn the content. They then do practice problems for the content.
They can not move on until they have shown mastery. This is another great option
as a full curriculum for your students during this time of distance learning. 

   Next up is the website sumdog. This is a fun site that lets kids practice math concepts
through fun games. Your students will beg to go on this site. They love the games that
offered on the site. 

   The last site that I am going to talk about is MobyMax. This site can be used for
several different subjects. There are a few different options for math and types of
problems the kids can work on. There is a section for math facts and then also a
section for math concepts that are learned in each grade level. This is another great site
for helping your students continue to learn material that they are having a hard time with. 

   Hopefully, these sites will help you out with your distance learning. What sites are
you going to try out with your students?  Tell me in the comments what you are going
to try out. Until next time!


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