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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

5 of the Best ELA websites for Distance Learning

  With distance learning happening right now, teachers are having to find more and more
ways to teach online. Today I am going to tell you about some great apps and websites for ELA that
you can use while distance learning or when you are back in the classroom. 

     The first set of apps is the Google Suite. There are lots of different uses for Google apps for
education. I love to have my students publish their writing with Google Docs. My students love to have
a record of all of their writing. They also love to type out their writing because they feel like a real author.
I also love that they are practicing their typing skills and getting ready for testing with real-life
experience. I like to use Google Classroom to assign the work for my students. Google Classroom
makes it so much easier to track all of my students' online assignments. 

     Another Google app that I love to use in my classroom is Slides. This is perfect for having my
students put together presentations. They can work on their own or they can work with another student
on the same document.

     The next app and website that I use a lot in the classroom is Flipgrid. This is a great site to allow
students to discuss different topics. I love to have my students use this site for practicing their fluency.
I have the students practice their passage for the week and then on Friday, they record themselves
reading their passage. This allows the students to hear how they are reading. It is amazing to hear
how much more fluent the students' reading becomes after having them record themselves. The
students love listening back too, which I love to see. 

     This next app and website is great for reading. Epic has tons of digital books. There are so many
different titles. The kids love to search for fun books to read. They also have lots of educational videos
for the students too. One of my favorite things about this site is that I can create reading lists for my
students and then assign it to them. It works out great to assign a reading list when we need to do
research. I can create the list of books and then the students are not having to spend all their time
searching for books. 

     This next site is called Vooks and it’s similar to Epic, but all of the book titles are put together like
a movie. This is a site that the kids really love, and they have so many different titles. My students don’t
even realize they are reading when they are using Vooks! I also love that this site allows my students
to really hear excellent fluent reading. This is definitely a site you need to check out. 

     The last site and app that I am going to tell you about is Raz-Kids. This site goes along with
Reading A-Z. It uses the same stories from Reading A-Z and puts them digitally for the students to read.
You are able to assign a level to the students, and as they advance with their reading, you can change
the level that is assigned to them. It also allows the students to take a quick quiz when they are
finished reading. This site is great for working on comprehension as well. 

     During distance learning, we have to rethink the way we are teaching. Using apps and
websites to help students with their learning is where education is moving. These sites can help you
during distance learning, and also when school resumes back to their buildings. I hope that this list
helps you incorporate more apps and websites into your ELA instruction. What site are you going to
try first? 

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