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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Open House

WOW!! Life has been busy!

Last night we had our school open house. I worked hard to get the classroom ready and my firsties worked even harder. They worked so hard to get all the fun projects done. Some of the kids were working to the wire but they accomplished what they needed to. 

Here are some pictures of the set up of the room. I did a spring theme so there were all things spring in my classroom. I really like a bright, neat and clean classroom!

Here is a view of the whole classroom from the door. Hanging from the clips are noun and adjective umbrellas. The kids loved putting these together. Each student also did a biography book report and as part of the report my firsties had to make a doll of the person they did their report on.  This was a highlight of the evening! The kids and parents loved looking at all the dolls.

Here is another view of the classroom!

Here is the view of one the doors. I had each of the kids make a fraction kite from Christina Bainbridge from Bainbridge class. They loved creating these. 

Here is the other door welcoming all the students and their families. I had the students write their favorite things that they learned this year. They all came up with such interesting things. The great banners came from Sunny Days in Second Grade

Out of everything that I included in the classroom, my favorite was this board about what plants need. Each of the kids did a sunflower. Then I used my Cricut to create to make all the critters and some fun clipart to make the sun and watering can. This great idea came from dragonflies in first

This final picture is a fun flower report that my firsties did. They turned out so cute! 
Have you had open house yet? If not what fun projects are you planning on doing? I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend. 

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